Interments, Monuments & Vaults

The City contracts with CMG Grave Service for interments at the five City cemeteries. Current interment prices are as follows:

Interment Type
Single Adult


Saturday Open / Close


Sunday Open / Close


Cremations Open / Close


Children and Infants


Sunday / Holiday Cremation Open / Close


For more information on interments, contact the City Clerk at 816-632-2177.

Monuments and Vaults
Monument work and grave markers of every description shall have suitable foundations which shall be installed at the lot owner’s expense.

All foundations for markers in the City cemeteries shall be prepared with a minimum of 30 inches of concrete. No marker may be set until the foundation has been approved by the City. Failure to comply with this inspection procedure shall result in removal of the marker. Slabs of any kind shall not be permitted as covering for graves in the City cemeteries. Surface vaults shall not be permitted.

No monument types shall be allowed in Graceland Memorial Cemetery except as follows:

  • Monuments shall be made of granite or shall be approved government markers if used for veterans
  • All monuments shall be flush with the ground surface to allow for complete and unrestricted use of lawn mowing equipment
  • Monuments for infants to preschool age may be a minimum dimension of 10 inches wide and 20 inches long
  • Monuments shall be a minimum thickness of four inches and shall have a flat-sawed bottom
  • Except as provided in the above rule, single grave markers shall be 26 inches long and 14 inches wide and double grave markers shall be 44 inches long and 14 inches wide

For more information on monuments and vaults, contact the City Clerk at 816-632-2177.