Streetscape Program


Establish a first of its kind partnership between property owners and the City of

Cameron that enhances our neighborhood streetscapes. This program will create a shared opportunity to enhance our existing neighborhood street presences. The partnership will maximize private investment dollars by sharing half of the material costs and using public labor and equipment at no cost to the partner. The program is designed to implement the recommendations of the Cameron 2030 Comprehensive Plan by enhancing the functional and aesthetic values of existing neighborhoods and part of the 2010 Vision of Council. The program emphasizes being very flexible to allow for a process that results in good decisions rather than just “following policy.”

Program Description:

The program will allow property owners to replace and or repair existing curbs, gutter, drive approaches and sidewalks. Program will also install new curbs, gutter, drive approaches, sidewalks and street trees in existing neighborhoods that enhances existing neighborhoods. Property owners and the City will agree upfront what the project limits will be and the cost established prior to improvements. The owners cost is for half the material and the City will provide all labor and equipment. Owner may choose to finance up to 75% of their cost with the City by a lien guarantee that must be paid back within 5 years with a 5% annual interest.


In Fiscal Year 2010, to begin an annual and ongoing process to provide incremental increases of a minimum of ½ mile of new streetscape improvements.

Policy Criteria:

  1. City furnishes all labor.
  2. City furnishes ½ the cost of material: concrete/tube/inlets/wire/trees.
  3. Citizen(s) furnishes ½ the cost of material: concrete/tube/inlets/wire/trees.
  4. If not all citizens participate, the City has the option and flexibility to fund projects deemed to be of significant value to the community.
  5. Decisions will be made by a structured process that includes sequential approval from the Street Safety Committee and City Manager.
  6. If citizens don’t agree with decisions, they can appeal, in a timely fashion, to Council in open session. However, overall public good is the primary factor in determination of the final decision.
  7. Factors determining the decision making process will include: storm water
  8. Impact, aesthetics, traffic count, future infrastructure work, needs of the greater community and other factors as determined by the City staff. Citizen funding, if necessary, would be made possible by the City accepting a 25% down payment and placing a lien against the property for a maximum of 5 years at 5% annual interest. Other down payment amounts may be arranged with Council authority. Any lien amounts due will be attached to the City real estate tax bill.

City Accountability:

The City of Cameron will commit publicly to install an annual minimum of ½ mile of streetscape.

Time Frame:

One year subject to annual review based upon feedback from the community.

Streetscape Application Form