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Visioning Projects
The Cameron City Council requested that City staff prepare and conduct a Visioning Session.  Staff organized and facilitated a process that involved the following steps:

  1. Prepare a questionnaire to identify recent acomlishments, issues/trends/concerns, potential new initiatives/programs/policies and suggestions to improve organizational effectiveness.
  2. Conduct a Visioning and Goal Prioritization Session with staff and the elected officials.
  3. Prepare a Final Report and Action Plan

The 2010 Visioning Report and Action Plan was completed May 10, 2010.  Three teams (Black, Gold, Red) of City Staff were created to oversee 21 Priority Projects identified by the Visioning Session.  In July of 2011 the remaining projects were re-prioritized as some projects were complete and others were combined.  The remaining 8 projects are as follows:

  1. Storm Water Management Plan and Program:  The Storm Water Report developed by Mark Young has been completed and distributed to Council.  The Water/Sewer/Storm Water Committees have recommended a 1/4 of 1 percent sales tax for storm water improvements to reduce flooding impact.  The sunset on the tax will be 20 years and the initiative will go on the November 2011 ballot for voter consideration.
  2. Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Improvement Plan:  Work has begun on I&I identification and removal.  The collection system basin serving Lift Station #1 is the first basin to receive attention.  Flow monitoring has been mostly complete for this basin, manhole inspections and smoke testing were completed.  Video pipe inspection is underway in the basin.
  3. Walnut Street Improvements:  The project would improve the physical appearance and quality of the road.  The initial focus will be on storm water crossings and curb replacement/repair.  Then design elements such as streetscape, signage, pedestrian access and finish with road overlay will be undertaken.  The storm water tax will need to be approved by the voters before funding will be available to install storm pipe, inlets, etc. on Walnut Street.
  4. Road Maintenance and Improvement Plan:  The Council Street Committee recommended that a transportation sales tax be placed on the November ballot.  the sunset is in 10 years at a rate of 1/2 of one percent.  Council has passed the required three readings for the ordinance to be approved and the initiative placed on the November ballot.
  5. Volunteer Resource Center:  Develop a volunteer resource center where community members can connect with volunteers or organizations to assist them in life needs.  Volunteers could help people with needs such as house painting and trash and yard waste pickup as examples.  The former City Manager and Development Director were working on these projects and a status update will not be available until after a replacement city manager is chosen.  The local Community Action Partnership (CAP) has also been involved in this project, however, lack of funding has slowed their participation and progress on this.
  6. Comprehensive Plan Implementation:  Develop a plan or strategy to implement all components of the Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan should be considered when the Planning and Zoning Commission makes their decisions as well as when the City develops its capital improvements plan, such as utility upgrades and extensions.  The Plan is something that should not be forgotten during the decision-making process.
  7. Solid Waste Program:  Move the drop-off center to Clinco.  There are some items, such as site security and access that have not been worked out with Clinco.  In addition, there may be some expenditure of funds for fencing and lighting.  City staff will work with Clinco to work out the details.
  8. Tree Planting:  A tree farm was created on land near the water treatment plant by Boy Scout Andrew Carr, et al.  The tree inventory is complete and the grant payment has been received.

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